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Welcome to Team Shane's (in my son's memory) Homepage

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. As some of you may know, I lost my beloved son Shane in January of last year from ALL leukemia which was a complication from treatment of follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma. Every year the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society holds the Light the Night walk in various cities around the country. This year, Lindsey (Shane’s wife) and I (seagirl49) have started a team in honor of Shane and will be participating on October 25th. If you would like to help support this cause – we would be so grateful for your support. If you live in the Portland area, come walk with us!!

More money is needed to find a cure for those who cannot be helped through current treatment plans.  Current research is exploring the world of immunotherapy. Thanks to continually evolving research, scientists have discovered new ways to tap into the immune system’s inherent disease-fighting power and give it the upper hand against cancer.

The most exciting part? Because immunotherapies harness the patients own immune system, they are far less likely to produce the painful side effects or secondary cancers common to traditional cancer treatments.  Your funds would help continued research in this most exciting field and saving lives.

Much gratitude overdue!

Due to vacations and projects the last few weeks I have been remiss with thanking everyone who has liked or reblogged, or commented on my photos.  So thank you ever so much for your new or continued support.  It challenges me to bring you all better photographs.  And I have loved meeting many of you through your heart warming messages and questions.  Additionally I would like to  thank the following showcase blogs who promote original photography on tumblr.  I have included a link in case they are new to you..

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